What is human life?

 What is human life?

This question is rarely being asked, but almost every human being wonders about it. Human life, contained in a rigid framework between birth and death …

Is it just a food consumption, breathing, excretion, procreation … Or a constant search of yourself, of happiness, contentment …

There are as many answers as people. As many ideas for life as people. So what values and makes us live our lives stronger, deeper and better than others? Are there any better and worse ways to take full advantage of the time we have been granted here on Earth? I don’t think so.

Human life is a combination of events, a result of decisions that we made in the past, the creation of the area that we have at our disposal. Decisions are better, worse, wise, stupid, but they are ours and we take responsibility for them. We set goals ourselves and strive to achieve them.

Being free

Being free for every human being means something else, obviously, because we live in
different places, conditions, cultures, we have different professions, value systems and, above all, everyone has their own sensitivity.

For some people, being free refers only to financial freedom, which allows making bold, often
fantastic decisions. For others it is the possibility of self-realization in the professional, social or family sphere.

The common denominator for all of us is that we WANT IT and consciously or less consciously strive for it.

Passion is the energy to live!

The way to achieve personal freedom is having a passion that is our life energy and motivates
us to make various efforts and sacrifices. Passion is something that animates us, gives us
strength and energy to act, arises positive emotions and feelings in us. People with passion can
talk about it indefinitely, fully devote themselves to their passion and cannot imagine life
without the possibility of its implementation.  Passion is similar to addiction, it draws all in,
absorbs, makes us happy and gives satisfaction.

The greatest of this world, thanks to their passions, created amazing things that influenced the fate of humanity. Passion is not an accidental event, it is not the end result, passion is conscious action, the path you walk on and you know that it is right …



Conscious heading in the chosen direction

How to become free? Are there any factors guaranteeing success? From among thousands of
formulas, the most convincing ones are those that are based on the experience of specific people. Testimonies of people who have faced with the existing reality, found in themselves the
strength and courage to change their fate are invaluable and inspirational to us. In the process of striving to achieve the coveted freedom, the key role seems to be to determine and define
what is „our freedom”

Setting a goal

will allow us to concretize and direct our efforts, because determination and persistence in action is a necessary condition for achieving the assumed goal. Usually, our goal is very distant, almost unachievable, which causes frustration and discouragement. In order to deal effectively with adversities, you must aim at the goal with small victories, which in the final result will allow you to achieve your goals and be truly free.

The world does not stand still, changes from second to second. Every minute, new stimuli appear that absorb attention and cause us to get lost in the multitude of information and events. For our goal to remain clear and straightforward, so that we always „see” it on the horizon, we need a lot of concentration and perseverance.

Good Life Stone

The formula and help in achieving and sustaining concentration on achieving the goal can be a Good Life Stone, which is designed to remind at any time what is really important.

In this stone, we have enclosed the power of good wishes, intentions and desires, which day by day will support our projects. It is a small pebble that will cause an avalanche of change for the better … Its strength and power flows from inside you, because you are the perpetrator and the

motor of the whole process, the Good Life Stone is only to remind and support your willingness to act.

It is a tangible proof that you must try and that you can change your life for the better and fuller. REMEMBER, this force has always been in you, you only have to reach inside yourself and find it, and the help is in this stone, which with its presence makes you aware of the potential that is hidden in people.

Users manual Good Life Stone

How you can use a GLS?

  1. After waking up – think about something pleasant.
  2. Breathe fully as if it would be your last breath and feel how energy spreads throughout the body reaching every cell.
  3. You will not change the past, so stop analyzing and discussing it..
  4. The future is an opportunity for you, so stop worrying about it coming.
  5. If you have a partner/spouse, kiss him/her as if it was to be the last kiss in your life.
  6. If you have children, embrace them with all your strength.
  7. You have one life. There is only Here and Now, so do not lose the chance to create your own world.
  8. Enjoy small things, enjoy a moment, find time to appreciate beauty and uniqueness of the world, appreciate the gift of life.
  9. Laugh without a reason, smile to strangers and make everyone in your company feel good and make every moment meaningful.
  10. Create your vision of the world, how you want to live and what you want to achieve. Believe in it with all your strength, get rid of fear and doubt – it is happening, changes take place.
  11. Your actions are a process that requires time and commitment. If each day you will be changing the way you think, your behavior and attitude towards life – you will achieve results after a while.
  12. Achieving a better tomorrow is not complicated – just get rid of fear and doubt, and you will create a better world that you dream about.
  13. Share your wisdom and success with others.
  14. Live well and consciously.
  15. Let Good Life Stone reminds you of it every day.


Not accidentally, the flint is a symbol of changes. It is a beautiful and rare mineral, occurring only in one place in the world – in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains located in Poland – in Central Europe. These are one of the oldest mountains in Europe, which have repeatedly undergone
the process of sea-rising and flooding. Currently, the Świętokrzyskie Mountains are a place full of beautiful landscapes and wild nature, and people living there, hardened by harsh living conditions are famous for their hospitality and strong character. Striped flint is attributed to many beneficial characteristics, the most important of which is to maintain and add energy to action and eliminate fatigue. People who own striped flint are characterized by humor and optimism. In the past, striped flint was used to produce ritual vessels, and its presence in the house guaranteed peace and prosperity.

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