The Stone

Striped flint was already known in the Bronze Age; however, it was not used to create ornaments, but to make ceremonial artefacts. Our ancestors thought that having this stone protects against evil powers, charms, evil eye as well as demonic influence. According to beliefs at the time, the stone was also supposed to protect a person after death.

There is a conviction in modern esoterics that striped flint is a very positive stone, recommended to everyone. It is believed to be endowed with magical properties that allow us to resist evil powers, human envy and vengeance. It is also credited to have health-benefiting properties, which improve one’s health, beauty and vitality. In addition to having good health, those in possession of the striped flint are soothed internally, and at the same time are full of physical and spiritual strength, are of a cheerful disposition, and full of optimism.