Some say that human fate is written in the stars… No matter what we do, our fate is the result of the interactions of the energy flowing from the universe and the great events on Earth. It would seem that this is a beautiful theory that emphasizes that as people, we are exceptional and hold a prominent place in the universe, but at the same time this theory allows human life to float by, as if along a river bed, without commitment and trying to overcome obstacles. Someone or something controls our actions, determines our life’s goals and aspirations, and we have no way of changing anything…

I personally think that our lives depend on us; what we encounter on our way is largely the result of our own earlier decisions. It is what lies within that determines the quality of our lives, is the source of inspiration, the driving force for action and allows us to muster additional strength in times of crisis to face adversity.



This conviction should accompany every human being every moment of their life, because the reality that surrounds us shapes our thoughts, emotions and intentions. Every person is defined by the things that are “in their head” and that sooner or later become a fact.

But how do we change our way of thinking and perceiving the world? How to become the creator of one’s own destiny instead of relying on fate?

The simplest and only possible action is to change our attitude towards the world and other people. It is necessary to introduce the mind’s “hygiene”, which is a process and, as every process, it does not happen overnight, yet still brings phenomenal results. Stop dwelling on the past, complaining about the weather and bad luck – that will change nothing 🙂 Think positive, forgive yourself and others, do not bear grudges, appreciate moments, stop being afraid and love people 🙂 The basis of your actions should be LOVE and HARMONY, which will help you ensure good HEALTH, and with it everything else. Introducing this attitude is not easy, because the system we live in attacks us from all directions, and we often forget about the most important aspects in our life or do not have the strength to defend ourselves against its influence.