State of bliss…

It’s allowing yourself to feel who we are. It’s the release of desires. It’s being in harmony with yourself. It is a sense of belonging to the world and the world to us.

Some time ago I stopped feeling guilty for having a great life.

Yoga classes, which I came across out of curiosity, led me to the Himalayas for a yoga teacher’s course after few years. My first lonely journey took place at a time when I truly needed to believe that I would manage my life on my own. Taking care of yourself is our

duty and great privilege of a free man. You have to pause for a second to be able to hear yourself. It is best to do it on a foreign land, among strangers, without a distorting mirror of ourselves, without those reflections, that like a matrix, were saved as how other people see us, often those closest to us.

This year, practicing in Bali, surrounded by wildlife, birds singing, by people from different corners of the world, complete strangers and yet so very close to me, I was touched by the thought that a few years earlier I would’ve rebuked myself for the idea of such a trip.

Realizing your passions is an uncountable value. I believe that our greatest needs are hidden deepest, sometimes we do not even dare to think about what we would really like to do and where we would like to be.

After some time, we don’t need to confirm our value in the eyes of others anymore. Acceptance of who we are appears when we start living in harmony with ourselves, and the whole world, like a pebble, can be closed in our hand.

I hope that I will experience this sublime feeling of belonging to the world more than once in beautiful and distant places.

However, the real and the most important journey of mine is my daily practice.

Ashtanga Yoga has stolen my heart and soul and although so demanding, it is very repayable. In this system, we practice six days a week, preferably in the morning, when the mind is still asleep. We start the “journey” with the first series of Ashtangi – Chikitsa yoga, which means yoga therapy. It emphasizes cleansing and general strengthening of the body. Days, months, years pass, we improve in asanas and temper our ego. It is said that injuries on the mat are the best teacher, because yoga is a path, not a goal. Each inhale, every exhale seems to be the same, yet completely different … focus on being here and now. Ashtanga is a combination of male strength and feminine grace, interwoven elements, and we strive to balance these two aspects.

We never know when exactly our life changes. However, after some time of regular practice, our worldview changes, horizons broaden, we hold our head more confidently , we hold it higher, the heart has more space and is open to new experiences, we are also more compassionate. We can do MORE !!!


I really believe that discipline gives freedom and I LOVE this freedom!