It’s hard to tell your whole life story in just a few words, but let’s try.

It’s hard to tell your whole life story in just a few words, but let’s try.

Krystyna Skrzycka, woman first and foremost, mom to a 17 year old girl and a wife.
I’ve been living in the city of Bialystok for over 20 years now, but I was raised in a small village 50 miles from Bialystok. I graduated from the History Department at University of Bialystok with the specialization Protection and Promotion of Cultural Heritage. I continue my studies in the field of management at postgraduate studies at the Warsaw School of Economics. Privately, I am very passionate about traveling, dreaming about traveling across Europe on a motorcycle.

My involvement with the Foundation

I have been working at the Charity for 3 years, but I have been involved with them basically from the very beginning. As a 9-year-old child, I was treated oncologically and I remember as if it was today, about the letter mailed to my parents with an invitation to become involved in the creation of the Association of Friends of Children with Progressive Diseases. At that time, it was just that tiny idea in my head,  that I wanted to be a part of something like that. Before it happened, however, a dozen or so years passed, but as the saying goes, everything in life has its time …

At the beginning, as a child after oncological disease, I was a participant of the first rehabilitation camps, organized by the Association. In 2007, the Association was transformed into the “Pomóż Im” Foundation. Before I started working at the Foundation, I got involved in activities for the benefit of “Survivors”,  people like me who underwent cancer in their childhood. I see great neglect in education field regarding even the late effects of oncological treatment among young people after such treatment. In the future, I would like to change it. For several years I have been actively involved in being  the voice of  Foundation’s patients’. Currently, as a Vice President, I am responsible for the whole area of ​​the Foundation’s development. Managing an organization such as Foundation is mainly  focused on responsibility for its patients and the charity work undertaken. Secondly, it also means responsibility for employees and volunteers involved in the Foundation’s activities. And let’s not forget that as a public benefit organization, we are responsible to the donors who trusted us. Decision making is obviously part of management, but I try not to think of it in terms of easy and difficult decisions, but rather try to anticipate and consider what its consequences could be.

Beginning of the activity for the Białystok Hospice for Children

The Białystok Hospice for Children was established at the beginning of March 2009, thanks to the commitment and work of a team of people “infected” with the hospice idea by Dr. Elżbieta Solarz. The enormous support of the Warsaw Hospice has given it time to overcome organizational problems, build trust in the Foundation and obtain the status of a public benefit organization. This year, we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Białystok Hospice for Children. I hope that it will be a pretext and an opportunity to draw more attention of the wider public about the terminally ill children.
The fact that working for others gives satisfaction is known. Above all, however, working in the Foundation is learning to be humble and to see what is the most important in life. Every day I learn to re-appreciate and enjoy what has been given to me. At this moment of my life, the Foundation and Hospice takes the largest space in my life, and working at full speed, sometimes it’s extremely draining, for various reasons. Luckily, I have great friends and a family that I can always count on. Also, the fact that the team working in the Foundation are people full of passion and commitment,  definitely adds wings, fills with hope and helps to survive those weaker days.

Few words about the Foundation:

Foundation  ‘Pomóż Im’ is an organization with a 28-year tradition, and our Bialystok Hospice for Children, home based, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. As part of the hospice, we care for terminally ill children from the whole Podlasie province. We try to relieve their suffering and pain and make them live their short lives as well as possible. Our Hospice covers the care of an average of 30 terminally ill children. Not only a sick child, but his whole family becomes a patient, receiving help from a family assistant, social worker and volunteers. As a result, little patients are not condemned to long-term hospitalization that often is dangerous to their little bodies. Instead,  they can stay with their loved ones in the best place for them – in their home. Thanks to that, they feel safe. We are available to families 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, because every day counts for our little patients …

Our projects.

Support groups are a very important part of our work. There are four support groups in the Foundation: a group for the parents of the hospice’s patients, for the siblings of the hospice’s patients, a group of support for perinatal care and support in mourning. The families of our pupils can also count on material and financial support, for example: fire wood, clothes, care products, household chemicals, food or a school supplies for children. We often help in adjusting housing conditions to the needs of an incurably ill child. We are convinced that only by acting comprehensively, we take good care of an incurable child and his family.
Thanks to the co-financing of our hospice from the National Health Fund, we are guaranteed to cover 1/3 of the cost of childcare. We obtain the remaining funds, in the form of donations and payments from individuals and legal entities. Families do not bear any costs associated with our work for sick children. To provide care at the highest possible level, we need support from good hearted people.
We are the organizer of many ongoing campaigns promoting the willingness to help, like the Fields of Hope, Fairytale Rooms, Hope instead of Flowers, Charity Month and many more. We promote and develop volunteering, we activate the local community to help.