Good Life Stone – is not yet another decoration; it is a philosophy that may help you change your life and gain happiness. The symbol of change that you can, or even should, implement is the striped flint. This unique rock is found in only one location in the world – in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains, Poland. These mountains are not only a place of magnificent beauty, but one full of secrets and power flowing from nature and from inside the Earth. People living in this corner of the world are full of vitality and joy of life, and find happiness in simple everyday activities.

The Good Life Stone stone is not an amulet that brings happiness and merely having it in one’s possession does not guarantee success, but it is an item that will remind you every day about the enormous forces that lie in your mind and within you. Every day your striped flint will motivate you to act through the good intentions that were entwined with it when it was given by a loved one.

In this small stone with a striped pattern lies a huge force, consisting of good intentions and wishes of your loved ones, a deep desire for inner change and happiness brought by a good and fulfilling life.