Deposits of striped flint formed most likely in the sediments of the seabed during the Mesozoic era in the Jurassic period. About 180-200 million years ago.

That was happening on the territory that currently lies in Central Europe, in the Eastern Poland. The world was inhabited by dinosaurs back then.


In the New Stone Age (8000-2000 BC), which took place after the Stone Age, striped flint was used during ceremonies and rituals.
Tools and ritual objects were made of a flint.
Exceptional beauty of the stone was noticed many thousands of years BC.


In ancient times, in many courts of wealthy magnates, striped flint had an ornamental role. Wherever it was shipped to, it always came from one place in the world. It was credited with magical and medicinal attributes.
It is a stone of optimism, vitality and cheerfulness.


Striped flint, just like centuries ago, is only mined in one place in the world.
Its deposits are limited and will be surely exhausted in the near future.

Flint Treatment

Extracting the beauty of a striped flint is possible due to its proper processing, that is performed like with any of the gemstones. The lumps obtained from the mine are split, then grounded and polished.
Each flint is subject to selection and is thoroughly inspected.

Good Life Stone

There are no two identical striped stones in the world. Each carries the strength of many millions of years…
Good Life Stone is a real power of intentions, desires and good wishes enclosed in a clap of striped flint. It is your way to make life better and fuller.
Every single one is noble and unique.

A Stone From Millions Of Years Ago In Your Home

You have a unique opportunity to give yourself or your loved ones a truly exceptional gift.
A stone that encloses in itself millions of years of the history of the Earth… A stone that carries the wisdom of many generations…
A stone through which you can give someone the best intentions and make their lives better.